Welcome to my new corner of the web 🙂

1 Crafty Lane is a place to imagine the impossible, create the unique and share our creativity with each other.  I’m an incurable crafter, always repurposing or creating something.  From gold leafing glass jars to sewing to screen printing to painting to…. Well, you get the idea.  And that’s not even to mention Spicehubby who is an excellent wood worker.  {I know, I’m so lucky, right?} 🙂  Anyway, I wanted a little cyber home to organize and share all of my adventures, so here we are.

About a year ago I started a cooking blog, my first blog ever:  In the Land of Spice. {hence my pseudonym Spiceblogger}  😉   It chronicles my kitchen creations–cooking and baking, successes and failures.  My journey has taught me a lot, about cooking and blogging and myself.  Sometimes I wonder why I waited so long to start!

But my first love is daydreaming up crazy ideas and turning them into reality.  Spicehubby is my greatest enabler and harshest critic.  {Ah, he’s a perfectionist, that man!}  He forces me to always improve and is there to remind me that I can do it.  🙂

I hope you’ll visit often and be inspired to share your projects also.