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Ever since I started my first garden last year I have wanted to create some sort of rain collection system.  It especially became a priority since last year saw the worst draught of the past 20 years.  Unfortunately, I watched my beautiful, healthy tomato and cucumber plants wither as spring gave way to summer with never a drop of rain in sight.  😦 And treated water simply does not provide the same results as fresh, natural rain water.

Pre-made rain barrels are usually available for purchase in early spring, so I thought I would run out and buy one at my first opportunity.

Enter Pinterest, and my problem was solved!  🙂

The idea is simple:  connect the gutter downspout to a large drum with a spiget.


What you’ll need:

32 gallon heavy-duty plastic trash can with fitted lid

brass faucet with 2 threaded washers

flexible gutter downspout

Using a utility knife, cut a hole into the center of the lid just big enough for the bottom end of the flexible downspout to fit into.

About 3″ from the bottom of the barrel, drill a hole just big enough to screw the threaded end of the faucet into.  It should fit very tightly.

On the inside, screw on the second washer, making sure each is tightly secure on either side of the barrel wall.

Place barrel on a level surface, preferably raised off the ground.  Fit on the lid and attach gutter downspout.

Connect flexible gutter downspout to your existing gutter.

Wait for the rain!

See?  I told you it was easy!  😉