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The weather has been so gloriously spring-like lately that I had to take a break from all indoor activities and just get outside.  I’m actually a little bit late on getting seeds started for my garden, so I decided to pull it all together and get going.

Pinterest is full of great ideas on everything from recipes to home crafts to fashion.  I found the idea of recycling toilet paper rolls for the garden here and started saving the empty rolls just a few weeks ago.  It didn’t take long to save up enough for my needs, especially since I cut them in half and got two seed pods per tp roll.

Since I don’t have a green house, and this warm weather is deceptive because there’s sure to be at least a couple more freezes before winter is done, I set up a planting station on my back porch.  Last year I actually did this in my kitchen, but it takes up too much space to be an ideal solution.   {I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a small greenhouse sometime before I die 😉 so this won’t always be an issue.}  However, a corner on the back porch is working pretty well so far.

After deciding on which veggies to grow and how many seedlings I would like, I cut each empty tp roll in half.

Then I labeled each one…

And then lined them all up into a plastic tray.

I filled each pod with a soil mixture (top soil, perlite and peat moss) and then added the seeds according to the planting directions on each packet.

To create a mini greenhouse, I used a see-through, shallow rubbermaid storage container.  Using it upside down allows the see-through bottom to create a type of dome which allows filtered sunlight in and traps moisture inside, keeping  humidity high for the germinating seeds.

My two mini greenhouses now have seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, carrots, and broccoli.  Woohooo!  I can’t wait to watch them start to grow and then put them in the ground.  🙂   Before that happens, though, I have a bit of work to do in the garden itself.  Aaaaannnnd I have big plans for C (spicehubby) to move a fence and take in more of the front yard for my garden area.  {But don’t tell him just yet.  He’s still working on my bookcases!}  😉

So that’s it!  I’m ready for spring.  What about you?  Are you planning a spring garden? If so, what will you be planting?  I’m very much a novice at all of this, so I would appreciate any tips you may have.