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The craft room is coming along, despite my neglecting to share the progress here as I had promised. Other things (like life) keep getting in the way and interfering with all the little projects I have started.

I have managed to get things cleaned out and a little better organized.

Here are a couple of Before pics to give you an idea of the complete disarray:

As you can tell, I have a lot going on.  I need a sewing area, a place where I can paint and/or gold leaf, an area to keep and use my Yudu, a place to keep my Cricut, and an area for computer work (like photo editing and blogging)….

…And a way to organize it all in a logical manner.

First, I cleared a space for a general work area.

This table will do some serious multi-tasking.  Painting, gold-leafing, and anything else that requires a lot of table space.

I then pushed two tables together to wrap around this corner.  Happily, these were the perfect size for this!  And just like that, I have a very functional sewing table that segways into a screen printing area and secondary work station.

Wish I had thought to utilize this space in this way before!

An inexpensive bookcase allows for storage of scrapbook paper, stamping items, canvases, and various other art supplies.  Just to the right, I’ve organized all shipping necessities in a roll-away plastic set of drawers.

On the opposite wall, a smaller bookcase for all gold leafing supplies.

The Cricut and Jukebox sit atop our home filing cabinet, happy and secure until needed.

And finally, desk top and printer on the desk where they should be.  🙂

Now that everything has a place and all work areas are nicely defined, I can move on to the fun part of this makeover:  making everything pretty, one project at a time….