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There are Big things happening at my house right now.  Well, there’s always something going on project-wise at my house; but one particular project is near and dear to my heart.  Spicehubby is finally building bookcases!  WooHoo! 

Not such a big deal, you say?  Well, then you don’t know that I have begged for bookcases since we first moved into our house–9 years ago!  Yeh, I’m pretty over-the-moon excited.  And not just because of the bookcases.  We are actually converting a guest room into a library.  Ahhhh, library.  The very word evokes happiness within me.  There will be real books, cozy chairs, cups of tea and many late nights reading next to the fireplace.  🙂  {Yep, I’ve daydreamed about this for a looong time.} lol

I have lots of pictures of the bookcases as well as a step by step pictorial of how to make raised panels to share with you in the next couple of weeks.  But, as the title of today’s post suggests,  I want to begin sharing my craft room makeover. 

Since Spicehubby is doing all the work on the bookcases/library, I have been taking advantage of these dreary weather days by cleaning and organizing my craft room.  It’s an understatement to say “it was a mess.”  It was nearing “Hoarders” category mess!  {Disclaimer:  I have never actually watched an episode of “Hoarders.”  The promos alone are enough to make me shudder with terror and start cleaning out closets!} 




About 3 full trashbags later, I have restored some semblance of order to this neglected upstairs room.  And now it’s time to give it a facelift and make it pretty.   The color swatches above are my inspiration color scheme.  There are several small projects that I will share as they are completed, and then a big Before & After reveal.  Exciting, right?! 😉 

Well just hang on to your seat!  {LOL}  There’s lots more to come and even another guest post on a DIY household necessity.